Drunk Busters™

DRUNK BUSTERS Goggles are the ultimate hands-on, interactive tool, powerfully demonstrating the dangers of impairment.


What are you really like when you get drunk? Could you walk a straight line, pick up your car keys, or participate in athletics? Could you drive a car? Could you pass a field sobriety test given to you by a police officer? DRUNK BUSTERS™ impairment goggles  allow you to experience the potentially deadly consequences of being impaired, while you are sober. You’ll soon appreciate just how out of control you become when impaired. The goggles simulate reduced alertness and decreased reaction time; you’ll experience problems with depth perception and coordination. You’ll understand how alcohol and/or drug abuse leads to poor judgment and decision making.

Goggles Simulating Effects of Impairment

Goggles simulating effects of impairment, including reduced alertness, slowed reaction time, confusion, visual distortion, alteration of depth and distance perception, reduction of peripheral vision, poor judgment and decision making, and lack of muscular coordination. For some people, impairment might result after as little as one drink. Impairment can also result from combining alcohol with prescription medication. Use of illegal drugs is also impairing, with no BAC level even present. For the “average” person consuming alcohol under “average” circumstances. Also known by the names alcopop and alcovista.

Drunk Busters Low Level BAC Goggle .04–.06 BAC simulates a BAC Level of .04 to .06 with a clear lens.

Drunk Busters Low Level BAC Night Goggle .06–.08 BAC simulates a BAC Level of .06 to .08 with a dark lens.

Drunk Busters Impairment Goggle .08–.15 BAC simulates a BAC Level of approximately .08 – .15 with a clear lens. Our most popular goggle!

Drunk Busters Twilight Vision Goggle .15–.25 BAC simulates impairment under low light conditions with a BAC level of approximately .15 to 25 (dark lens).

Drunk Busters Totally Wasted Goggle .26–.35 BAC simulates EXTREME IMPAIRMENT!  Dark lens to simulate night time impairment.

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Goggles Simulating Condition after Ingestion of Drugs

Drug Simulation Goggle simulates many of the effects of using illegal drugs or overdosing on prescription medication, including disorientation, altered space perception, vertigo, lack of concentration, image distortion, memory problems, and feelings of euphoria. Known in Germany as the Drogenbrille.

Drunk Busters Cannabis Goggle According to recent U.S. Government studies, 30 % of today’s teenagers are smoking marijuana. About 4 % of adults smoke pot at least once a year, with roughly 1 % abusing it. Smoking marijuana can affect your ability to perform simple tasks, it impairs concentration and coordination, it can cause slowed reaction time, and can result in short-term memory loss. Smoking marijuana can also result in a feeling of nausea, which these goggles simulate. With several states recently legalizing marijuana, the Cannabis Goggle is a training tool which can be used with young people and with adults.

Drunk Busters LSD Goggle LSD stands for Lysergic Acid Diethylamide, which is a hallucinogen. Popular in the 60’s and 70’s, it has slowly been making a worldwide comeback. This goggle distorts the perception of the size and shape of objects and gives the user a distorted perception of color. Combined with impaired depth perception, this visual hallucination simulates a bad LSD trip.

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Our goggles are being used throughout the United States and in 78 different countries.

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Each goggle includes a cloth carrying bag and an Instructor’s Guide

Goggles Simulating Specific Situations

Drunk Busters Snooze Goggle simulates fatigue in the early morning after working all night long and also extreme fatigue.

Drunk Busters Red-Eye Goggle simulates fatigue late in the day when the sun is about to go down and fatigue under low light conditions.

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